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Statement of Purpose


Statement of Purpose


My name is Julia and I live with my husband Iain, and two of our three children, Eliza (1997) and Sophia (2003). Our son Gareth (1992) lives in Potters Bar and works in the Royal Veterinary College Hospital. Our daughter Eliza is at the University of South Wales and will return during holidays and at other times, this remains her main home. Iain is a bus driver and holds a current Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service certificate (DBS) check like Eliza and myself. We have 4 cats, Max, Toffee, Susie and Cleo and 3 friendly dogs, Podge a cocker spaniel, Stanley a whippet and Bumble a cocker spaniel cross puppy. The children are never left alone with any of the animals.


I childmind from my own home. I provide care and education, for boys and girls, in a home setting. I aim to provide a high quality, flexible childcare for families. I aim to work with parents and will respect your wishes, values and practices for the care of your child. To ensure the best care we will need to exchange information regularly regarding your child this gives your child continuity which helps them feel safe and secure. I will treat all children in my care as individuals and with equal concern.


I am registered to care for 8 boys and girls under the age of 12, of which no more than 6 can be under 8 years and no more than 3 can be under the age of 5 (unless they are attending full time school). Of those 3 under 5 no more than 2 may be under 18 months. I am able drop to and collect children from Ysgol Cae'r Felin, Pencader Cylch Meithrin and the school buses to Llandysul and Newcastle Emlyn Secondary schools. I can only offer to care to a child if I have space available. I aim to work with parents to deliver flexibility when needed.

I hold the NVQ level 3 Children's Care, Learning and Development and the Level 3 Certificate of Childminding Practice. I have also achieved the Level 4 University of Wales Certificate of Higher Education in Welsh and Bilingual Practice in the Early Years. I hold current Paediatric First Aid and Level 2 Food Hygiene certificates which are renewed every three years. I am a member of the Professional Association of Childcare and Early Years (PACEY) and the Llandysul Childminding Group. I have Public Liability Insurance through the Morton Michel.


I live in a semi-detached house on the outskirts of Pencader village. I use the downstairs for childminding and children only access upstairs to use the toilet. I use the back room as a play room but the children are welcome to take toys and books into the front room or hall to play. The back room is furnished comfortably with a sofa and child sized table and chairs. The kitchen is used for cooking and messy play under supervision. I have a secure garden and I encourage outdoor play and ask that the children come suitably dressed for the weather and with wellies and coats if required. There is a variety of toys and equipment for the children in the garden for the children to play with. Children are always supervised in the garden. The dogs do not enter the children?s play area.


I am able to offer a wide range of activities to encourage your child to develop and learn through new experiences; these include cooking, messy play, dressing up, puzzles, stories, and arts and crafts using various mediums. I regularly change the toys available to the children so that they can re-explore the toys and new ways of playing. There are always books, games and puzzles. There is a large box of dressing up clothes and accessories and baskets of different toys such as puppets, dolls and cars. The toys and activities are easily accessed by the children so they can choose what they wish to play with. I try to follow the interests of the children in my care and plan age and developmentally appropriate activities that they will enjoy. I enjoy working with children and seeing them grow and develop. I achieve great satisfaction from my work and my ability to give my best to each child every day.


I will take the children out to Ti a Fi and local Family Centres where they can meet children of similar ages. We sometimes arrange to meet other local childminders and the children in their care for messy play or an outing. I will also take them on trips and walks which are enjoyable learning experiences. My car is insured for childminding and all children will be seated in a suitable child restraint, as required by law.


I meet children?s needs whilst in my care by providing times and places for rest or sleep should they require it. Meals and snacks are eaten together at a table, I have highchairs and boosters available if required. I provide snacks and ask parents to provide children?s meals. I can store packed lunches in my fridge. I provide free milk to children under 5 years using the Free Nursery Milk Scheme. I support Mums to continue breast feeding and can store expressed breast milk or arrangements can be made for Mum to feed her baby. Children have the use of two toilets upstairs and can access them whenever they need, if support is required I will assist them. I change nappies hygienically. I am willing to use reusable or disposable nappies depending on parents? preferences. I support parents with potty training and have a Potty Training Policy.


My usual hours of work are Mondays 3.00pm - 6.00pm & Tuesday-Saturday 8.00am-6pm, I am flexible and I am able to offer care outside of these hours, please ask me about availability. I am willing to accommodate shift work patterns if possible within the ratios, and have done so successfully before. I may be able to collect and drop children from home if in the local area. Before starting at my setting we arrange settling in sessions so that the child can get used to me and my house. I am unable to do overnight care.


I am able to offer a place to children with special needs. In these circumstances the main concern will be whether I am able to offer the best care that the child needs and that my setting is suitable for their requirements as there are steps to both the front and back doors and stairs to the toilets. I would need to have a full understanding of any conditions and treatments before a child comes into my care and I am willing to attend training, and further ongoing training, to provide your child with the best possible care. I have had previous experience of caring for children with special dietary needs, eczema, asthma and allergies requiring the use of an Epi-pen. I have attended some special needs training; -

·         Autism, ADHD and Similar Awareness Training, Carmarthenshire Children's Partnership

·         An Introduction to Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pacey

·         Down?s Syndrome Information training, Llandysul Childminding Croup

·         Play Worker Speech Therapy seminars, Speech Therapy Unit Hywel Dda

·         Supporting Children with Additional Needs Training, NCMA

·         An Introduction to British Sign Language, Llandysul Childminding Group

·         Supporting Children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs, Pacey

·         Hidden Dyslexia, CPD Bytes Dyslexia Specialist


My first language is English, although I can speak some Welsh. I have attended adult education classes and have studied the Geiriau Bach Course (Welsh and Bilingualism in the Early Years) at Trinity College. I can speak basic Welsh and read and carry out activities for children in Welsh and do so daily.


As a professional childminder I use PACEY literature, including contracts, which are legally binding, and which must be signed by both parties before care can commence. All details about the care that you require will be set out in the contracts and parents have their own signed copy to keep. All previous inspection reports from CSSIW are available for you to see. I have a booklet of Policies and Procedures for my setting which I will go through with you and ensure that you understand. I will give you a copy to take home to refer to whenever necessary.


To ensure that I am providing a childcare service in accordance to the wishes of parents and children I will carry out a review of my service every year and will ask you to make comments on the provision of the service. I will then review my service from your comments and will issue all parents with a report about the review, any changes or improvements to my service during the last year and any improvements that will be planned in the near future. This will be available to the CSSIW on inspection. I welcome any comments, suggestions, compliments and complaints by parents and am willing to answer any questions or concerns that parents may have. I have a Complaints Policy which sets out the procedure I follow when a complaint is made. Alternatively, parents may contact CSSIW who will investigate thoroughly. The contact details for CSSIW are below.


As a Registered Childminder I have a policy and procedure in the event of an emergency. I hold a current Paediatric First Aid certificate and all parents give signed permission for me to use first aid or seek emergency treatment should the need arise. I will contact parents as soon as possible if an emergency should occur to advise them and ask them to collect their children. If for whatever reason I am unable to contact parents my emergency contacts may contact them, these are Iain Trigwell, my husband, or Janice Jones, Pencader and Donna Thomas, Gwyddgrug who are both registered childminders. Please refer to my Emergency Policy.


This Statement of Purpose will be kept under review and revised regularly. Whenever possible the CSSIW will be notified of any revision at least 28 days before it takes effect.



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Inspection Body: - Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales, (CSSIW)

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